Zaza’s Kitchen is a lifestyle brand that merges health-centered recipes with food education to empower people to become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. While the kitchen is a daunting place for some, I use my expertise and guidance to help people along their cooking journey. My mission is to empower people to realize their own potential as a chef through teaching my original recipes in custom culinary experiences.


About Chef Za

As a young Zaza, my brother and I would run our in-home, play restaurants. The play food soon became real ingredients, and I would go to work. Around 8 or 9, it was an everyday activity to tower over my mom on our kitchen stool as she taught me cutting techniques and different flavor combinations. With the help of her and my father’s lessons on vegetarianism, Rachel Ray’s 30-minute meals, and my mother, brother and I’s religious viewing of Emeril Live, my young foodie dreams became a reality through each dish that I’d prepare; both successful and not so successful. As I have gotten older, my palette has matured but my love for the kitchen has remained the same.

Whenever I tell people that food is my first love, they ask what cuisine do I cook...and truthfully, I don’t have one word for my style. But I can say that the food I cook is my original take on internationally inspired comfort food. The dishes I create in Zaza’s Kitchen excite your taste buds and keeps you wanting more while introducing to familiar and unpredictable flavors. It’s fresh. It’s spiced. It's healthy

I am a Georgia peach, hot sauce lover (Williamson Bros to be exact), DeKalb Farmer's Market loyalist, shrimp taco connoisseur (corn tortillas, por favor), mango aficionado, parmesan enthusiast, wing guru (Lemon Pepper wet with extra ranch from American Deli in Atlanta’s West End mall has the best in the world, don’t argue about this with me), niece of a chef (If you're in the DMV area, book Lickens Catering for your next event), daughter and granddaughter of master cooks with South Carolinian, Brooklyn, Bajan, Midwestern and Virginian roots, and a student to the classroom, that is the kitchen. 

To know me is to know that I love to cook just as much as I love to eat. Food is my love language and, honey, I have been a foodie for all of my life. 


(at least most of the time). It’s eclectic. It’s me. I know that the kitchen can be an intimidating place for some, so I have designed Zaza's Kitchen to be a space of support to help alleviate any hesitation you may have about cooking so you can achieve your cooking goals. Since I created @zazaskitchen, my vision with food has grown clearer and my heart has grown bigger as I want to share my love of cooking with my fellow foodies, both new and old. I want to inspire you to get comfortable and confident in the kitchen, and dance your ass off while doing so! I find no greater joy than bringing the recipes I develop come to life, and want to help you do the same. Happy cooking, happy eating. My family,  friends, and fellow foodies,

Welcome to Zaza’s Kitchen!

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